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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  October 31, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- there are different theories of why ghosts stick around. one theory is that they have some sort of unfinished business, they have a message that they want to get out. another theory is that they don't realize that they're dead, that they have passed. some say that ghosts and spirits can be stuck and remain earthbound. - i think people want to know if there's anything else. i think they want to know if there's ghosts and spirits, and can people come back? - welcome to new day cleveland. - whoa! - how do you like that, huh? - you got me, you spooked me already! (laughing) - so what is this show we're doing here?
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that might spook ya. - yeah, we're sitting here in front of squire's castle. this is part of metroparks which is a place that a lot of people say, "well, maybe it has ghosts, "maybe it has spirits" and that sort of thing. but we're gonna visit a lot of places, too. there's a prison down towards mansfield a little bit, it's got some big time stories there. - we're going to cemeteries, and you know, some of these are based on history, historical facts. others are boo legends, but no matter what, we're gonna get ya. - okay, so let's get this thing started. we're gonna head downtown cleveland, a place you might drive by all the time. and sailors' monument. (patriotic music) - soldiers' and sailors' monument was erected and dedicated july 4th of 1894. in it we have 9,000 names of men who served in the civil war from just this county. i've been here for nine years, and there's a various amount of different activities.
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and they bought all their equipment here one halloween to show the public how all the equipment works. they actually did a paranormal investigation here. (mysterious music) when we went downstairs, we did our first paranormal investigation. i spoke first. when you do an investigation you ask many questions. i was the first one to ask questions, and this is what you're listening to now, it's from the reveal itself. sten to the voice that we heard on this recording. (whispering) if you listen closely you'll hear, "they're in here." - [voiceover] they're in here. - the first question they asked was if there's anyone here that wants to talk to us, what's your name? - [voiceover] anyone who wants to talk to us, what's your name? (static) - [voiceover] carrie.
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a man walks in here, and he tells me that he was served in vietnam, and he said he received head injuries, and he just started seeing spirits of his friends that died with him in vietnam. then he tells me also about a lady that i had just heard of recently named carrie. i never showed him the reveal tape at all. he's sitting here telling me she's like one of the first nurses. originally the nurses we have on display here, it's called the soldiers of aid society of northern ohio. is carrie grant's name. (ominous music) this picture here, there's a professor, her name was kim sospower, she came with her class to do a tour downstairs as well. we were all standing in line, i was explaining the tunnels downstairs to them, and one of the individuals walked up to me and she shows me a picture that she had just taken.
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but i'm standing there, everyone else is still in line, i look up and i show her this girl here who has a camera, and her camera's covering half this person's face standing next to her. then i realize i asked her the question, "who are these three individuals here standing next to him?" because when we looked up right in front of us, no one was standing there. her jaw dropped. you'll notice also there's a ladder down here, which there's no history to, can actually see a face behind the bar itself. this picture here really is the most defining picture, i can say, of activity downstairs. - you know one of the best things about that place? - it's free! - it is! it's totally free. so go and see it, check it out, it's pretty interesting. - easy to find, right in the middle of downtown cleveland.
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levi scofield, also built the ohio state reformatory, you know, the one in mansfield. check it out. (mysterious music) - the history of the ohio state reformatory, it opened up in 1896. it wasn't for hardcore felons. it was mainly for guys who were between the ages of 16 and 30, they were non-violent first time offenders. so you had a lot of petty thieves in here and all that. they kept it as a reformatory right until about 1970. a maximum security prison, because it was needed. i think one of the things that really brings the people here is the architecture. we have so many people that come here that look at it and go, "you know, this doesn't look like a prison." a lot of people call it dracula's castle. a lot of the inmates, actually, called it dracula's castle. (door creaking)
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the wardens lived here from opening day 1896 until right about 1959. this would have been their dining room, actually. (mysterious music) the last warden that lived here full time, his family lived here with him. one sunday morning, his wife was getting ready for church, she reached up into the closet to get her jewelry box down. she dislodged a 32-automatic pistol that belonged to her husband, (gunshot rings) she ended up passing away three days later at the local hospital. but over the years, people have reported seeing her, and smelling her, roaming the halls. (mysterious music) solitary confinement, one of the most haunted areas of the prison.
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just doing his, you know, hourly rounds. a couple of the boys broke out of their cells, beat him to death in here. still to this day we see him, it doesn't matter if it's day, or night, we see him. there have also been tons of other murders and suicides in this area throughout the years. in here you never know what you're going to get. everything from full-blown, full-body apparitions, to cell doors sliding closed, to camera failure, equipment failure, batteries going dead; you never know what you're gonna get. it had to be 1993. i actually started here in 1998, so i had a good, solid foundation, and knowledge of the paranormal even before i came to this building. there's something about it, i don't think there has been a single day where i've not walked in here and had something happen. it could be something as quick as, you know, the quick smell of bacon and eggs near the warden's kitchen.
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could be seeing, you know, inmates walking down the tiers when i know i'm the only one in here. (mysterious music) - the ohio state reformatory is open to the public. - mm-hmm. - they've got all kinds of tours here, the shawshank trail, and also, you can stay overnight if you want. - yeah, you can, i wouldn't, whoa! that just gives me the chills. to do that. - oh my gosh! hey, coming up after the break, we are taking you to one of the oldest buildings in willoughby, and you know what that means. - it's gonna be scary. - it's gonna be haunted! - right after the break. (ominous music) - [voiceover] we do know that mr. norris' spirit is still inside willoughby coal, and he likes us to acknowledge that fact. so maybe he's trying to tell us what really happened.
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ico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy - ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like, "i don't remember!? our children and grandchildren will look back at this time... the choices we are about to make. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us.
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ck to new day in cleveland, our very special show of haunted places in northeast ohio, mm-hmm. well now we're gonna head to willoughby, one of the oldest buildings there. let's turn the clock back to 1947. the owner of the building, don norris, was found lying in a pool of his own blood. was it murder or an accident? (solemn music)
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it has a history that dates back from the late 1700's. it is full of spirits. one of the most well-known spirit is that of mr. don norris. he was one of the owners of willoughby coal in the '40's, and he met a very mysterious end (footsteps) falling through a third floor window. (man screaming) g his death. it was ruled an accident, but some say that maybe he had a little help going out that window. but we do know that mr. norris' spirit is still inside willoughby coal, and he likes us to acknowledge that fact. so maybe he's trying to tell us what really happened. there was a lot of coal dust in his clothes that were freshly laundered when he put them on maybe 20 minutes earlier. one of the theories is the reason he had all that coal dust
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through willoughby coal, up to the third floor, and then unceremoniously thrown out. some of the things that have happened here that we do believe are because of mr. norris, the ways that he likes to communicate. he will identify himself when we do electronic voice phenomenon sessions, and that's where we pick up voices on a recorder. we've asked him, "mr. norris, are you here?" and we will get the response, "yes, i am here." , "what happened to you?" and the response we got back was, "murdered." we've caught some interesting pictures that we do believe they are mr. norris. we asked, "mr. norris, it's time for your picture." and we caught a very strange face in this picture. - in willoughby coal, this is one of our favorite spots. it is the stock room. for some reason we get a lot of activity here,
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there's a spirit of an escaped slave back in the civil war time, here with his young son. he's on the underground railroad, he's lost from the group, and he's confused, and frightened, and some reason he is stuck here at willoughby coal. we have caught evp, electronic voice phenomenon, in this area over and over again, to the point that you can almost count on it. we've also seen orbs and lights, pirit lights, back in the stock room with our naked eye. also, some have experienced what they call a great, big, brown, hairy monster. providence leads to the fact that it is yukon, the dog of one of the previous owners that hangs out here where his last place to live was. (footsteps) there's rarely a time we don't experience sounds, especially footsteps above you. sometimes we compare it to chasing ghosts, because we'll be down here in the stock room,
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the other room, above us we'll hear footsteps. we'll go to the second floor, we hear footsteps on the third floor. go to the third floor and you hear something fall on the first floor. (mysterious music) there are a lot of ghosts, and you can guarantee you will experience them if you come in. (dramatic music) at willougby coal, you can read up on them in a new book called america's most haunted. - okay, here's another one for the book. i tell you what, brecksville road, near richfield in brecksville, going down the road, there's a place called farnam manor, and people don't notice it because it doesn't look like a big deal, but if you get out of your car and look around a little bit, they're talking about spirits, maybe emily. how about mr. farnam's grave? - oh. - check it out.
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there are spirits here from centuries ago all the way up to just 2014. - some are here all the time, and some come and go. - going back to native american times, the tree over there is still standing from indian times, it's an indian marker tree. the indians planted that and grafted it and that's how it all began. and then in 1812, john farnam acquired the land because he served in the revolutionary war. so he was granted land out here in the western reserve, and so he was one of the very first pioneers to come to the land. it was his son, everett, who was only 12 years old at the time, who built this house in 1834. the original house was just two parlors downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs, which,
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e americans, and he grew to be a very spiritual man. he grew to be a conservationist way ahead of his time. one of his favorite things to do would be to take his guests on a carriage ride through his estate and show them the rocks. he had names for them, he had the devil's footprint, and mother's washboard, and there's actually a legend still today that if you take a rock and place it on the tombstone that rock will come back to you. of course there's the legend of little emily. she is the most popular legend. that was his daughter. back in 1858, she fell into the cistern and drowned here. we encounter her all the time. sometimes when people go through our tours, they hold their hand down, little emily will come and hold their hand. or sometimes we hear a little girl giggling. she's here all the time.
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e boy that lived down the road, and he got kicked in the head by a horse when he was about 10 years old. lived for a few days and then he died. so his spirit has been known to be encountered here too. he's more ornery, he's the one that likes to push doors open, or make noises. (door slams) he told a spiritualist that he doesn't like the name ichabod, he wants us to call him timmy. so we always refer to him as timmy. when this was a very elegant club. the place was just for aristocrats, it was very, very high class. but it was also known as a house of ill repute. that was prohibition back then, and the cops used to confiscate everyone's alcohol and bring it out here and booze it up themselves. we have encountered a lady named mary lynn that worked here during the 1920's.
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she worked here at the club, and she fell in love with one of the aristocrats. he promised that he was coming back to marry her, but he never came. so her soul is still here waiting for her lover to return. there's no other way to believe until you actually experience it, i think. if we open up all of our senses and be open to it, the things that happen are just totally amazing. basically what farnam manor represents is eternal life. it shows us that our soul does live on after our body dies. (haunting music) - okay, if you want to check that out, the farnam foundation offers lantern tours and all kinds of stuff like wedding opportunities, parties, and the spirits, well, you know, spirits like a good party.
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- that's right. - you end up with extra guests, who knows. - hey, still to come after the break, we are going to the northern part of summit county, heard of a place called hell town? - hell town? - well i hear that's haunted everywhere you go. so we're making a few pit spots after the break. - [voiceover] people call it that because there are so many legends in such a small area.
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ohio. okay, how many times have you heard someone say, "if the walls could talk." well how about if the farm could talk? i'm talking about a place on a massive estate. this was built back in 1912, it's called the anna dean farm, and yes, it's haunted. (eerie music) - this is the pigary at anna dean farm. this building was built in 1912, so it's been here for over 100 years. and this is supposedly the most haunted place this house, the pigs, these pigs weren't just your ordinary pink farm pigs, these were flown in from europe and brought here. they were called berkshire swine. mr. barber spared no expense with his animals. he treated the animals as if they were humans. o.c. barber would hire a lot of people with physical deformities, and even mental handicaps. that was not something that was accepted
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py for him to hire them. and people felt at home here, and they felt accepted here. even after life, they're still here. we're standing right below the barn where all the animals were kept. this whole area down here was the heating area, the maintenance area. if you look at all the way down to that end this tunnel actually runs the complete length of the building. you can see the wall's absolutely riddled with bullet holes. this is from the f troop, the 107th mounted cavalry. nd the time period which would have been the world war i. you can only imagine such a tight space, how loud those guns would be going off. and anybody would have to be running ammo up and down these hallways. now in the middle of the tunnels down here you'll see what was the old boiler room. down here we have a lot of shadow play.
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ing down here. somebody pushing a broom, still working down here. sometimes when i'm down here in this room, this space, i feel that kind of static energy you feel when you walk into a creepy building, a haunted building. the hair on the back of your neck stands up, a lot of times you'll feel cold, like a temperature change in the air. you kind of get that feeling that (eerie music) one of the theories we have is that it possibly could be a janitor, 'cause a lot of times you'll see somebody popping in and out of the different rooms down here, especially the boiler room behind you. one of the theories in the paranormal world is when you work somewhere, your energy becomes attached to that building. you spend every day of your life in the building, you work god knows how many hours in the building,
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the job, or you put into your effort here, stays here. and it doesn't really dissipate, it never goes away. (eerie music) - if you enjoy anna deans farm, well, you can thank the barberton historical society. - hey, okay, this next stop, i tell you, there are so many stories that circulate about this place. it's almost impossible to track them all down, but we have managed to find a few, so welcome to hell town. - peninsula is very lucky to get the nickname of hell town. people call it that because there are so many legends in such a small area. they have satanists, they have haunted cemeteries, they have a crybaby bridge. so we have mother of sorrows church,
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and practice their animal sacrifices. strange chanting, strange rituals going on that people saw. and part of that came about because of the architecture. their crosses look to be hanging upside down, and that is a very huge warning bell for satanists. was it rumor, was it a couple people just, you know, jumping on the bandwagon? i'm not sure, but they never got anybody to corraborate their satanist stories. people see a man who looks just weary and sad sitting on a bench somewhere in the cemetery. but there's been several investigations done, and none of the investigations have turned up the man or the bench. there's also stories about the trees moving. there are people who say that on a perfectly breezeless day
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just down the road from the cemetery, and this is hell town's crybaby bridge. the legend with a crybaby bridge is always that people hear a baby crying because either a mother and child fell off the bridge, the baby was thrown off the bridge and perished in the river, so people hear crying. (baby crying) ohio has quite a few crybaby bridge legends. last count there were 18. but hell town's, of course, is a little different. crybaby bridge legend, where you pull on, you lock your car, leave it off, get out of your car, but when you come back your car is covered in dust, and there's not handprints, there's little footprints in your car, and your car's turned back on. we give a picturesque, beautiful little town, and there's all these hauntings,
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n, so i think that's what draws people in. (eerie music) - the one thing to remember about hell town is, it is a town, so there are a lot of people living there. you're going to be going near places that are private property, so have fun, but be respectful. - where do you live? i live in hell town. (laughing) so there you go. hey listen, we're in squire's castle, right? so after the break, we're gonna learn a whole lot more about this place including the legend of the red lantern. at night with lanterns that were lit in red lights. and this was to protect her family, because there were wild beasts in the woods and she was going to protect them.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination
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it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. - welcome back, we have been hanging out here at squire's castle and i have with me now who is someone who knows a lot about really what has gone on inside of these walls. - indeed, squire's castle right here. squire's castle was a place that feargus squire built back in the 1890's. and feargus squire was this industrialist, he worked with rockefeller, and he had this great idea that he wanted a castle up on that hill. and he started with a gatekeeper house. - so this is not what was supposed to be squire's castle?
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but he built it, and he put in a bunch of those trophy heads, and he's got the big tapestries, and hardwood floors, and rock from right here, so he quarried all of that. it was really a great little summer house for him until he could get his big place built. - [natalie] sure! - [wendy] but he had a wife that didn't like the woods. we were out here in the middle of the country, and she didn't come much. so, you know, when you have somebody who doesn't really want to be here much, he had a hard time convincing her. - [natalie] so when was this, that he built this? [wendy] it was the 1890's. - okay, so where is the urban legend here? because i've heard that there's a pretty interesting story to be told. - so the story is that his wife came here a lot. in fact, she liked it so much that she would patrol the grounds at night with lanterns that were lit in red lights. and this was to protect her family, because they were wild beasts in the woods, and she was going to protect them. (footsteps shuffling)
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(laughing) - [natalie] no. - [natalie] i definitely would not be caught walking around with a lantern by myself at night around here. - absolutely not. so the story is that she's in the house, and it's at night, and she got spooked by one of the trophy heads of one of these animals that are way in back in the castle. and she slipped, and she fell down the stairs, and she died. so to this day the ghost haunts these grounds, and every now and then when the conditions are just right, you'll see the red lanterns walking around squire's castle. - that's the story. have you personally seen any of these lanterns? - i have to add to the story. we have actually many campouts here in the summertime, and we invite people to come in, and we have tents all over the place, and we look, we look for mrs. squire. but we don't see her. - have you ever had people want to come in with all of the extra equipment, - [wendy] the equipment. - [natalie] and try and figure out? - you know, if they do that, we don't know about it. we know about a lot of things that go on at night in cleveland metroparks, we don't know about that yet, though. - okay. - you know, i will say, though,
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here in the summertime, so eastern pipistrelles, which is a kind of bat, they roost here, so that's sort of, you know, spooky, but good, it's a good bat. we have owls that roost and nest up in the forest right behind, so that's a good spooky night animal. great horned owls, barn owls, and they're calling right now. this is their breeding season, so you'll hear them. if you come out here at night, it might be spooky, but it's kind of fun to hear them call. - i hear them calling my name, i think. (laughing) i appreciate it, wendy. - you bet. - okay, now we are going to another castle owner's - that sounds a little creepy. - it does. (eerie music) - we are at the riverside cemetery. riverside is one of the oldest cemeteries in this city, not the oldest, but it was basically built to be lakeview cemetery's counterpart on the west side, because at that time, westsider's had to pay a toll
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but for our purposes, the most important person buried here is hannes tiedemann. the tiedemann family originally owned franklin castle. (lightening crashes) and he brought a lot of legend into the city. there are people who have come into the cemetery and seen an elderly gentleman by the front gates. and they'll say, you know, "can we help you? "is there anything you need?" and he'll say, "can you give me a ride to franklin?" they take him to franklin, and the minute they get by franklin castle he disappears. and on the flip side, you have people who say they've seen an elderly gentleman on franklin that they'll bring to the cemetery because he says, "can you drive me to riverside? "i want to play with my little girl." so is he coming back to see his daughter,
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she was 15, they say it could have been complications due to diabetes, so there's no sinister history behind her, except for the fact that other children who have moved into the house in the '60's, '68 i believe, a family moved into the house, they were gonna make it a bed and breakfast, they kept asking their mom could they take a cookie up to the little girl upstairs who was crying. she was just crying, and they felt so bad. so emma has been seen in the house. we have the tiedemann's son, august, we have his wife, ella. ella survived august, and brought her second husband here, john clarke. what makes it really interesting is, ella goes back to her maiden name to be buried, but also her two children, carl and herbert,
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no mention of the tiedemann connection. so that to me shows she was a pretty modern woman at that time. the tiedemann family did suffer a lot of loss. as you can see on the back of the stone, on the back of hannes' obelisk, there are three children that were lost. none of them made it past six months. they lost these three children, and then they lost emma. lost four children before the age of 16. (sorrowful music) - riverside cemetery is just west of downtown cleveland, and you can find it on pearl road. - okay, and coming up after the break, folks, guess what? we're headed to playhouse square.
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(laughing) - [voiceover] some of the stagehands, and people who work at night, have seen presences, or they've heard noises
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president,
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to canal fulton, where we're meeting up with a paranormal researcher to learn about some pretty spooky legends. (mysterious music) - canal fulton is filled with history and hauntings. many of the buildings here in the town i've investigated, i've crawled into some of the basements, i have listened to resident's stories about certain hauntings that have taken place while they've lived in their building, and it truly is an interesting place. i love the blend of the history and the hauntings. (mysterious music) i'm now going to take you down into the basement of the 1870 century house restaurant where once a mortuary operated.
10:43 am
welcome to the room where the crematorium oven was located. here by the ice machine, there was an incident that took place two decades ago, when a server from the restaurant upstairs came down here to get her ice for her tables, opened up the ice machine, and as she bent over, she was promptly smacked on her bottom. she turned around, thinking that one of the servers had come down to just frighten her and there was no one behind her. after that, she refused to come downstairs to get her ice on her own. another room that we have here in the basement of sisters century house restaurant, is a room of great intrigue to paranormal investigators. as they step into this room, and they use an instrument, a tool called a pendulum, it will spin crazily. this is a sign of energy. this is the entrance to the tunnel.
10:44 am
e stood. if you committed murder back in the old days, and you had enough money, you could pay off the owner of that saloon, you could bring the body underground, no one would see it, you could bring it over here, you could pay off the owner of the mortuary, and they would destroy the body. if you didn't have a body, you couldn't be convicted of a crime. we're here at the pioneer cemetery, which is one of my favorite cemeteries. a lot of the graves that you'll see here are those of children and people that have died in their 30's or 40's. we have here the grave of madison, a little boy. he died in 1816, which you can just barely make out on the headstone. he drowned while playing in the tuscarawas river. there are other childrens' graves here throughout the cemetery. as far as our paranormal activity, when we gather around these graves at night,
10:45 am
and one woman actually captured, on tape, the voice of a child laughing. (child laughing) now we have the ohio and erie canal that cuts through the middle of canal fulton, and i believe that that is the reason why this area has so much activity. it's said that for every mile of canal, there's a dead irishman that's buried in its banks, and i believe that's why a lot of these buildings have activity here in town. - hey, if you want to go on one of these-- - i do. - haunted heartland tours. - oh yeah. - you can do that in canal fulton and sherrie will show you the way. - excellent, okay, now we're gonna talk about playhouse square, you know, the crown jewel of cleveland. - yes. - you've seen the great shows there on stage, but what happens in the back rooms, the dressing rooms, and the little alleyways behind and all around? ghosts. - hmm.
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four of the five theaters opened in 1921. the last, the connor palace, opened in 1922. of course, being here all these years, it's sort of natural that we would have a ghost or two. (people murmuring) ghosts tend to gravitate toward places where there are happy people, and where there are a lot of people. some of the stagehands and people who work at night have seen presences, or they've heard noises that can't be attributed to anything else. this happens in several of the theaters. mary ann winkowski, cleveland's own ghost whisperer, was here and discovered a couple of ghosts. in fact, one of the ones she discovered
10:47 am
to be part of the theater in her life, and she never was, so this is what she decided to do in her afterlife, and so she's our resident ghost in the state. (dark music) the famous one that we have is over at the hanna, a lady, we don't know her name, but someone reported that there was a lady who came to a performance on new years eve in the '30's, they thought that she might be the presence over in the hanna. (footsteps) one of our former employees used to go in there every day, and she'd heard about the ghost, and she would say as she put her key in the door to turn on the lights to the theater, "please, if there's a ghost here, don't show yourself to me "because i love my job so much "that i will quit if i see you." so she never saw her, and then one day, people came to pick up tickets with her, and the lady said to her,
10:48 am
l, supposedly there is." she says, "well i'm a psychic, and the ghost is here now, "and has a message for you. "she knows you love your job, "and this is not just a job to you, "so she will never show herself to you "because she doesn't want you to quit." and so that, to her, was notice that the ghost had received her suggestion and was not going to appear to her. (dark music) the ghost light goes back to the 1800's, you can't whistle in the dressing rooms, you can't say, "good luck," you have to say, "break a leg." one of those superstitions is that ghosts are in every old theater. they don't want you to curse the theater, they don't want you to sabotage their performances, so what they do is, they leave a ghost light on the stage, a darkened stage at night, so the ghosts can put on their own productions and will leave yours alone.
10:49 am
d i recommend it, it is very cool, go to - sounds good to me! alright, still to come, we are going to what was once the grandest home in painesville. - [voiceover] it's kind of like a big, vibrant household of spirits just stuck in time.
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10:52 am
ast ohio. are we saving the best for last? perhaps we are. we're gonna go to painesville to the grandest home in painesville. this thing was built 1867 by george steele. it's called the steele mansion. (mysterious music) - steele mansion was completed in 1867, it was built by george worthington steele. he was, without a doubt, the most powerful
10:53 am
it was the grandest home in painesville. it continued to be the grandest home all the way through the rest of the 1800's. unfortunately, there was a fire in 2001 that burned the roof off, and made the building uninhabitable. we were lucky enough to get to purchase it, it's a family project that we're working on. but we purchased it in december of 2010. it has this incredible, positive energy. i walked in the front doors, and even though they were just hanging, or leaning against the bricks, it still seemed to be saying, "save me." i looked and i said this house really wants to be saved. - the first time we experienced something spiritual here at this mansion was at the invitation
10:54 am
and we did a little mini investigation with them along. we had all kinds of unusual things happening right away. they were kind of skeptical, but then they were pretty shocked that these things were occurring while we were here. for instance, we did what we call an evp, electronic voice phenomenon session, and one of the first names we caught, very clearly, very proudly, was george worthington steele. - the only ones that i've actually experienced are the children that laugh in the basement. but we've had multiple conversations the same spirits over and over again. george worthington steele is here, the gentleman that built the house. his wife, sarah, is here. there are probably about four children, and i think two of them were probably the steele's children. two of them are only in the basement, so they were probably servant children. but they're the most fun because they're always laughing, they're playing tag.
10:55 am
ster, she's keeping things clean. there's a maid that's mostly down in the basement. there's a dog that runs up and down the stairs. there's a debutante that talks and talks and talks. so, it's kind of like a big, vibrant household of spirits just stuck in time. - i think the spirits, or the ghosts, hang around a property like this because they were a part of what happened here for so long that they have left behind their essence, bric. again, the walls, the floors, the wood retains their energy. - early on, the building was very unstable and dangerous to work in. but yet we had crews in here that were trying to save it. they had warnings, such as, small pebbles falling in the corner of a room where it wouldn't hurt them,
10:56 am
and shortly after that, that part of the building did collapse, or something fell. the workers were all kept safe. - and i think that was the spiritual energy that continues to be residual to this place. it calls this place home, and it's staying here, and it's going to keep coming back as a positive energy that inhabits the halls of the steele mansion. (mysterious music) ghosts, and that sort of thing. how do you feel about it now? - you know what i feel? i feel that i know where i'm gonna put you when you act up. i'm gonna send you (david laughing) to the reformatory, and you're staying overnight. - well that's good, that's good because what i learned from this, i don't know if i believe in ghosts or not, or that sort of thing, overnight, oh my goodness, but i gotta tell you, it seems most of these places are really great for parties and just having a good time. - oh yeah, you could go there, you know, to one of these places any time of year, it's not just about being spooked for halloween.
10:57 am
- okay. (laughing) - and you guys tune in for the next new day in cleveland. - so long!
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